e-Support Services

e-Support Services

Our fully motivated team of skilled professionals understands your business and its needs and is always dedicated to coming up with customizable solutions that fit your needs.

When companies sell technological, digital, and electrical products or software, they must ensure that they provide a solid customer support base to assist their customers with any problems. Yet it often happens that people find with troubleshooting of a software, technical, digital, or electrical product or service they aren't fed with satisfying or helpful support by the company. At E Unite, our professional technical support team offers customized technical support options for software, types of equipment, gadgets, etc. We also provide the service of ACI-supported solutions and customizations. With ACI related problems we provide issue isolation, end-to-end case management, and troubleshooting solutions

Premium Technical Support

Impeck Telecoms’s Premium Tech Support solutions resolve your customer’s Tech Support issues at home or work including out-of-scope and out-of-warranty issues that can otherwise cause frustration and damage your brand. Transform your technical support cost center into a profit center while increasing customer satisfaction, lowering support costs, and creating a new source of revenue.

Our ready-to-deploy white-labeled customer support model is powered by advanced analytics and cutting-edge intelligent automation tools. Services are tailored for your unique brand including customer demography analysis, brand creation, website hosting, and more. We cover the entire connected ecosystem with unlimited contacts through voice, email, chat, remote login, mobile app, and video.

When you need assistance with your Impeck Telecoms quality management software, our Technical Software Support team provides unmatched software support service from first contact through resolution. Our customer-first focus empowers the Impeck Telecoms Software Technical Support team to resolve customer inquiries on the first call — eliminating the need for additional service calls and reducing time spent out of production. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through Total Contact Ownership, an industry best practice that guarantees that we take full responsibility for your call every time you request technical support services.

Our Maintentance & Support Options Are:

  • Standard Maintenance & Support: Standard support includes software updates, unlimited access to our online technical support site, and unlimited phone and email support for two company project administrators.
  • Premium Technical Support & Maintenance: Premium technical support services feature Standard Support services and extended coverage such as naming additional project administrators to submit support tickets. Premium support also grants you increased access to our support team with a priority toll-free hotline and a dedicated technical Account Manager who will fully understand your solution and your environment.
  • Application Support: Application Support, an optional addition to Standard or Premium Maintenance, provides you prepaid access to Impeck Telecoms’s Application Support Consultants. They partner with you, becoming an extension of your in-house team.

Online Technical Support

Regardless of which support package you select, our online technical support site provides your team with numerous resources. An unlimited number of users from your organization can access the information on this site. This includes:

  • Tutorials on how to use Impeck Telecoms’s online support system and how to submit a request
  • Full text-search knowledge base
  • Product updates and release schedule announcements
  • Training center
  • Custom reports for your business
  • Downloads, patches, and upgrades

At Impeck Telecoms Quality Solutions, our commitment to your success extends beyond quality management. We prepare you to succeed and guide you at the critical hour.

We provide end-to-end lead generation solutions in any vertical.